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I Am Free

Clare Jones


When the ghosts of my past whisper to me

I say, „I am free“

I open my eyes and I see pinks, blues, reds and orange

Yellow, purple, turquoise ist my favourite

A world of rich tapestry


When the ghosts of my past shout loudly at me

I say „NO“ firmly

I open my ears and I hear

Birds singing, engines purring, people talking, laughing

I look, I see

The ghosts are not here with me

Leaves falling, children playing, couple arguing, man smoking


When the ghosts feel too close to my skin

I feel

The ground beneath my feet

The breeze touching my face

The warmth of the sun

The fabric inside my pocket, against my hand

A touching embrace









The ghosts cannot compete

With my power of nature

I see

I hear

I feel

I taste

Delicious distractions

Like honey, smooth and sweet

Bitter chocolate, juicy orange, sugary treat


The ghosts are far away now

I am safe

I see my friends, my colleagues, my family

I am here, now

I am free


I know

The ghosts are ghosts

They are not here now

They cannot hurt me

I am free

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